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Autógrafos y letras de Jim Nabors recibidos (pagina 1 de 2):

Jim Nabors Failure - 24 de julio de 2017
Sent: LOR, 2 photos and SASE on 2/19/13 Received: 4x5 photo with printed autograph on 7/24/17 Address was the Hawaii address.

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Jim Nabors surprise success - 24 de julio de 2017
In 2012 (date uncertain), I wrote Jim Nabors ("The Andy Griffith Show," "Gomer Pyle-USMC") with a TTM autograph request, sending an SSAE and a 3x5 card for signing. After a few years, I had given up on receiving a reply, but on 7/22/17, he replied by sending a b/w 4x6 photo, signed "Jim Nabors." You might say that I was a bit surprised! The address I had written to is no longer valid, but his current fanmail address is listed in the website.

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Jim Nabors Success - 24 de octubre de 2016
Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 to: Mr. Jim Nabors c/o Naborly Productions, Inc. P.O. Box 10364 Honolulu, HI 96816 Received my photo back unsigned but I got a signed 5x7. Sent: 12/12/14 Received: 10/24/16 Uploaded with ###:// Uploaded with ###://

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Jim Nabors GREAT SUCCESS! - 13 de agosto de 2016
I sent Jim Nabors (of Gomer Pyle fame) a letter, photo, and SASE to the address listed in the database (Naborly Productions, Inc. P.O. Box 1036 Honolulu, HI 96816, USA). I sent the letter off on July 2, 2016, and received a response a few weeks later on July 17th, 2016. Mr. Nabors not only signed my photo, but also wrote me a personal letter as well, thanking me for writing to him! I was beyond thrilled to open the mail and see the letter sitting there!

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JIM NABORS SUCCESS X2 - 13 de junio de 2014
I sent a letter, SASE and 2 photos on May 10th and received both photos personalized on June 10th. The address I used was: JIM NABORS P.O. BOX 10364 HONOLULU, HI 96816 - - -

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